Enhance Your Virtual Meetings with These AI-Powered Tools: The Top Picks for 2023

AI Review Guy Jun 08, 2023
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The Ultimate AI Tools for Organizing Virtual Meetings

In today's world, virtual meetings have become an essential part of our lives. Having meetings be virtual means we can work from anywhere, we only have to be dressed nicely above the waist, and these meetings are often recorded so we can refer back to them later if needed. A win-win-win situation and it gets even better! We can now use AI-powered meeting software to summarize, transcribe, and record virtual meetings, helping us stay more organized in this new work world.

In this post, we will look at a handful of the most interesting AI-powered meeting companies and what services they provide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meeting software tool base functions include recording, transcribing, summarizing, and sharing meeting notes

  • These programs will not replace your current meeting software but will instead work side by side with meeting software

  • Recordings can be used for keeping teams up to date, training new team members, interviewing new hires, and reviewing sales calls, among other things

How Will AI Meeting Software Help You?

Have you ever sat in a meeting and been unsure of what to take notes on or taken some notes and then never looked at them again? Maybe you’ve diligently taken notes but were then so busy taking notes that you couldn't be properly engaged in the conversation. I’ve done these things countless times!

Having AI meeting software solves these issues. You can have an entire meeting’s audio and video recorded and have the meeting transcribed as it occurs. The software can create a meeting summary for you, call out action items, and identify key questions or metrics from the discussion. This allows you to not only be fully engaged in the meeting but also ensures that you can easily refer back to the most essential parts of the meeting at a later time or share important information with teammates who may have missed the meeting.

Having all of the tedious parts of attending a meeting done for you sounds great, right? I agree. So let’s see which software best suits your needs.


Fireflies.ai enables users to record meetings, transcribe conversations, search the content of recordings, and analyze recordings to provide conversation metrics.

The program can create a summary of your meeting and circulate that summary to the attendees at the conclusion of the meeting. This ensures that everyone has one concise and uniform file and can be more present during the meeting itself to collaborate and share ideas without having to simultaneously take notes.

The best part is that these recordings and transcripts are searchable. You can see key points from the meeting, questions that were posed, follow-up tasks, and more. Users can also comment on, react to, and share key moments from the meeting.

These features are not only available for live meetings but can be applied to audio and video files uploaded by the user.

Fireflies.ai integrates with Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex, Google Meet, and more. It can also be used for dialer phone programs so that audio from dial-in meetings can be transcribed and analyzed in the same manner as video calls. It also offers a Chrome extension so that you can record calls and videos that are run through your browser.

You might be curious how you could use these features in your own business. Aside from the general usefulness of having your meetings recorded, transcribed, and summarized, there is tremendous value in being able to analyze the information captured in a call. You could use a sales pitch recording for training new sales associates by pulling out key phrases and practicing answering a prospective client's questions. Another use case could be to apply the program to dial-in earnings calls and have Fireflies summarize the call for you and pull out key metrics and numbers to help you quickly sort through crucial information. These are just a couple of ideas and there are undoubtedly more that could apply directly to your business.

Fireflies.ai offers a few plans ranging from a free, limited plan up to a $19/mo (billed annually) Business plan with full access to all of the Fireflies.ai features. Check out more information about plan details and pricing here.


The AI-powered tool tl;dv allows users to record, transcribe, and summarize virtual meetings held specifically on Google Meet and Zoom.

Meeting recordings are automatically stored for you after each call. During calls, you cant timestamp certain moments and tl;dv will automatically create a clip and summarize the content for easy-to-share and digest snippets. Additionally, you can highlight pieces of the meeting transcript, and tl;dv will pull the audio and video clip for that excerpt to create a shareable clip.

One especially neat feature that tl;dv offers is the ability to search for keywords across all of your meeting recordings. This can help you get caught up on key information for specific projects or to find and summarize prior discussions about product development or pricing among many other things.

You can use it for video applications submitted by job applicants, to quickly review key highlights to determine which applicants you want to pursue further. You can even share interview clips with team members for multiple team members' review and input.

tl;dv offers two plan options, Free and Pro. Free, offers unlimited recordings and all of the essential features that make tl;dv so useful, all for $0. Not bad! Pro enables more integrations, namely Salesforce and Hubspot, allows downloads of all recordings and has more options for sharing and storing your files. Pro, when billed annually, will cost $20 a month for each recording user who will have access to all of the Pro features. Others can still view the recordings but will not have access to the integrations and sharing options. There is also an Enterprise level plan with custom pricing if you need more user seats. You can find full plan details and pricing on the tl;dv site.


Otter.ai utilizes AI technology to act as your meeting assistant. It can record audio, write notes, record slides in presentations, and create meeting summaries.

Users can even interact with a live transcript during meetings and call out key points, delegate tasks, and add comments for future reference. Otter can even pull in slides from a presentation directly into the meeting transcript for a seamless and concise document.

At the conclusion of your meeting, Otter will email participants with the full transcript along with a summarized version, making for quick reviews of the high-level points addressed in the meetings.

One of Otter's more unique and neat features is the ability to connect it to your Google or Microsoft calendar so that it can auto-join meetings. This means that even if you are late to a meeting or have to skip it altogether, Otter will still take notes and transcribe the meeting and distribute a summary to the attendees. This can be incredibly powerful for keeping you up to date on meetings you may have missed.

Otter works specifically with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. It also offers three convenient ways to use its service. There are apps for both iOS and Android along with a Chrome extension so that you can use the platform wherever you work.

Otter offers four plans in total, including an enterprise plan. The Basic plan is free to use and offers all of Otter’s exceptional key functions. The biggest limitation of this plan is that you are capped on the monthly amount of transcription minutes you can use, you can only transcribe 30 minutes per conversation, and you are limited on the number of files you can import and transcribe.

The Pro plan is $8.33/month when billed annually. This plan increases your transcription limits and most importantly will join virtual meetings even when you are double booked, so if you have to miss one meeting for another, you can still be in the loop on what went on in the meeting you missed.

The Business plan is $20/month per user when billed annually. This plan again increases your transcription limits and allows for more admin features like usage analytics. It also provides more team-friendly features like the ability to assign action items to teammates through the live transcript.

You can find more detail on each of the plans on the Otter.ai website.


Wudpecker is another platform in the meeting tool space that uses AI to make meetings more efficient and effective for users. Similar to the other platforms discussed here it can record, transcribe, and summarize your calls as well as create concise summaries to make sure you get the essential information you need and leave all of the filler behind.

Wudpecker offers a template tool specifically aimed at helping you run more successful meetings by organizing your notes ahead of time. Users can simply select a meeting template and Wudpecker will load in key points and questions to be addressed during the meeting to help you stay on track and make sure you cover the critical topics.

At the conclusion of your meetings, Wudpecker will utilize ChatGPT to create an outlined summary of your call based on the transcript you recorded. This helps keep users from having to waste time sifting through an entire meeting transcript and they can instead quickly find the key information that they are looking for.

Wudpecker works on Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. It also makes it easy to share your content directly to Hubspot, Notion, Docs, Slack, and Salesforce, keeping your team all on the same page at all times.

In the spirit of trying to onboard users and generate brand awareness, Wudpecker is currently free to use including unlimited use of its recording services. Wudpecker states that they intend to launch a Pro Edition, which will be aimed at helping businesses extract actionable insights from customer calls by using add-on features. For now, the services that Wudpecker uses are free, so record and transcribe as much as you wish!

Check out more information about Wudpecker at its site here.


Fathom is an AI meeting assistant that can record, transcribe, highlight, and summarize your video calls.

The program works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. You still have to have one of these meeting clients and Fathom will work side by side with it.

While in a meeting, you can click to highlight a portion of the call and Fathom will create a quick summary of key content.

At the conclusion of your call, Fathom will instantly have a recording of the call, fully transcribed, including the moments that you highlighted. It will also summarize the content of the transcription, creating a document that you can quickly skim to review the key points of the meeting.

Fathom makes it easy to copy and paste meeting notes directly into the most common note and task managers including Salesforce, Hubspot, Asana, Notion, and Todoist. It can even sync call notes directly to your CRM platform.

Fathom is currently free to use. The platform recently introduced a Fathom Team Edition that introduces some team-oriented features, which will cost $19/month per user seat. These features include things like a searchable library of your calls, custom playlists to group certain calls, and notices of when keywords come up during calls.

Learn more about the free version of Fathom here and find info about the Team Edition here.


AI-powered meeting tools offer a range of benefits that can help make virtual meetings more efficient and productive. From recording and transcribing meetings to creating summaries and highlighting key points, these tools can help ensure that everyone involved in a meeting can stay engaged and focused on the discussion at hand. Additionally, these tools provide a way to easily share information with team members who may have missed a meeting or need to refer back to it at a later time. As virtual meetings continue to be a mainstay of our work lives, AI-powered meeting tools will undoubtedly become an increasingly important part of our daily routines.