Jasper: An all-in-one AI Content Powerhouse?

AI Review Guy May 03, 2023
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What is Jasper?

Jasper is a marketing content generation platform that uses AI to help you make unique, quality content at record speeds.

Jasper uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 as one of its language models and like some of its competitors, it offers both a library of templates as well as a Jasper Chat feature. However you choose to interact with the platform, Jasper helps you generate quality marketing content in less time.

The platform operates in 29+ languages and has been trained on billions of data points from all types of media across the web. While it only uses information from as recent as the summer of 2021, it can still create unique, plagiarism-free content on any topic imaginable.

What Can I Do With Jasper?

Jasper offers many use cases, whether you need help with e-commerce copy, social media posts, long-form articles, and more.

Jasper can help you generate scroll-stopping Instagram captions and informative LinkedIn posts. It can create ad copy for a variety of platforms and even come up with imagery to pair with the ad copy to help you create ads that convert. If you need help with writing blog posts, Jasper offers blog post workflows that help you create informed, plagiarism-free content quickly.

If you need to draft emails for cold outreach, a marketing promotion, or any other reason, Jasper can help with that too. It can even adjust the tone in which it writes the emails to help you convey a specific message to the reader.

There are also entire templates dedicated to e-commerce and helping you create content around your products that drive conversions. You can expect to have help with creating enticing product descriptions, FAQs, calls to action, and beyond. Jasper offers a browser extension that even allows you to take these tools directly to the websites that you run your e-commerce business through for a seamless experience of generating and launching your content.

What Integrations Does Jasper Offer?

Jasper is currently a bit light on integrations. It can be added as a browser extension in both Chrome and Edge so that you can use it across the web. It does integrate with Surfer SEO to help you quickly write SEO-optimized content and land yourself on the first page of Google. If you opt for Jasper’s Business plan (more on that later), you will also have API access.

Does Jasper Offer An Image Generator?

Jasper does offer an art feature, unlike some of its competitors. This allows users to use AI to generate art or images to perfectly pair with their content. Simply add a prompt, select a style, choose a medium, artist/era, mood, and keywords. Jasper will generate four high-resolution, original, royalty-free images for you to choose from.

How Much Does Jasper Cost? What Are The Plan Options?

Jasper’s three plan options are the Starter, Boss Mode, or Business plan. For those just joining Jasper, there is a free trial period of 5 days where users receive 10k credits to test out the Starter or Boss Mode plans. During this time users will have full access to the Jasper templates but only 2 outputs are given for each prompt entered.

There is a credit card required to sign up for the trial and a $29 pre-authorization fee will be charged and automatically refunded. Once the 5 days are up or you use all of the credits, you can choose if you want to continue with one of the paid plans.

❗Tip: Be aware that trials that are not canceled after 5 days will automatically roll into a monthly subscription.❗

Now, let’s look at what each plan offers.

Starter is, as it sounds, Jasper’s entry-level plan, which starts at $29 a month when billed monthly and $24 a month when billed annually. At this price, you get 20,000 words a month and 5 user profiles. You do have the option to increase your words per month but it will mean an increased monthly payment.

The Starter plan gives you access to Jasper’s 50+ content templates, Jasper Art, and Jasper Chat, all in 30+ languages. Content can be generated with the latest and most relevant information found on the web and the system uses multiple language models to ensure that you get quality outputs and don't run into downtime issues.

Boss Mode, which starts at $59 a month billed monthly or $49 a month billed annually, allows 5 users and 50,000 words per month. As with the Starter plan, you do have the option to pay more per month to increase your word limit.

Similar to the Starter plan, Boss Mode gives you access to Jasper’s entire suite of tools including Jasper Art, Jasper Chat, and 50+ templates. Additionally, you will have access to Documents, Commands, Recipes, and additional extensions and integrations.

The Documents tool is beneficial for when you want to write long-form content yourself and then if you get stuck or just want some help you can tag Jasper in to start writing where you left off. The program will recognize what you have written so far and continue generating content in line with your message.

Within the Documents tool, Boss Mode also allows you to use Commands. This is similar to using a chatbot, where you can input prompts or commands and have a result generated. What makes this unique is that Jasper takes into account your prior chats, as well as the context of the document you are creating in order to give more relevant responses.

Recipes are saved groupings of Commands that are aimed at helping you repeat certain content creation processes without having to do the same work over again. The Jasper community can even share Recipes that you can integrate into your own workflow. Most recipes will request that you give them some information about the content you are trying to create. It’s almost like just filling in the blanks of pre-set Commands or entering a variable into a line of code. As you run through the recipe you can easily build whatever type of content you are looking for with a fraction of the work and you can come back later and do it over again a million times if you need to.

As for extensions and integrations in the Boss Mode plan, you can work with Grammarly directly in your Jasper Documents, make sure your content is plagiarism-free with Copyscape, and see what keywords you should use in your content by integrating with Surfer SEO. Do note, that Copyscape and Surfer SEO will need to be purchased separately.

Lastly, there is the Business plan, which requires you to reach out to Jasper’s sales department for custom pricing. On top of everything Boss Mode provides, the Business plan also includes custom templates and automated workflows, an AI voice tailored to your brand, API access, the ability to share documents, and the ability to assign user usage limits.

We believe that for most users, the Starter plan is the best option. While it might not offer the conveniences and integrations that the Boss Mode plan offers, it still has a robust toolset that will help you create powerful content in no time.