What Is ArtificiaI Intelligence?

AI Review Guy Mar 22, 2023
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Artificial intelligence, or A.I., has long been present in pop culture but only recently has the technology started to become a more obvious part of our daily lives. It seems to be yet another trendy buzzword that many companies are claiming to implement in their products and has been plastered on news headlines as some A.I. services have gone viral - But what really is A.I.?

The name primarily conjured up thoughts of movies like The Terminator, Ex Machina (a personal favorite), or WALL-E. Today, you might be more likely to think of some of the now viral A.I.-based applications like DALL-E or ChatGPT. While these movies and applications might touch on certain aspects of A.I., there is much more to this technology than many of us have previously considered. So let’s get into just what A.I. really is and what you can expect from this industry and from AI Review Guy in the future.

Artificial intelligence is the replication of a human’s ability to process information, learn, reason, and problem-solve. Many types of technology have been derived from the concept of artificial intelligence. These technologies include machine learning, natural language processing, and automation, among other things.

Machine learning is the process of systems utilizing algorithms and data to both learn and improve their learning by building on past experience. Some real-world examples include systems that can look at x-rays to identify tumors or cancers as well as self-driving cars that use real-world driving data to continuously improve self-driving capabilities. As one of the industry leaders in self-driving technology, Tesla has millions of miles worth of data that its self-driving system continues to learn from.

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the more accessible types of A.I. to work with. It is the ability of a computer program to understand human text or audio inputs and to respond with text or audio responses of its own. You have likely talked to Siri/Alexa or tried out ChatGPT at some point. These are all instances of natural language processing and A.I. at work in our daily lives!

Automation is yet another use for artificial intelligence and one that will be a throughline for many of the articles on this website. Automation is, in this context, the use of A.I. to complete repetitive tasks that follow defined guidelines set by the system’s human counterpart. There are many products on the market today that use automation, including meeting apps that generate meeting notes or time trackers that can log hours worked for more accurate billing. Automation can be paired with other facets of A.I. to create remarkably useful tools and we can only expect to see this industry continue to grow.

One of the most common questions that come to people’s minds when thinking about A.I. is, will A.I. steal my job? As A.I. advances, becoming more sophisticated and accurate with the tasks it can take on, this is a valid concern. However, I recently read a quote that summed it up nicely. Kara McWilliams from ETS Product Innovation Labs stated, “I’m of the mind that A.I. isn’t going to replace people, but people who use A.I. are going to replace people.”

Much like other technologies of the past A.I. will replace some jobs. However, those who learn about AI and harness the tools and applications that are derived from it will find themselves at a distinct advantage over those who don’t and will likely excel in their roles compared to their counterparts who don’t utilize A.I.

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