Writesonic: The Power of AI-Driven Content Creation

AI Review Guy Mar 22, 2023
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What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a content generation platform that utilizes AI with the aim of increasing both the quantity and quality of your content output. In addition to a wide array of data points, Writesonic’s AI was trained on marketing content from some of the most well-known brands with the specific aim of giving users content that converts.

Writesonic offers 65+ templates and works in 24 languages to help you seamlessly create specific types of content, including long-form blogs, landing pages, ad copy, e-commerce descriptions, and more.

What Can You Do With Writesonic?

The platform offers a few great tools that you can use to improve on existing content you already have. It has a Paraphrasing tool for helping you reword existing writing, a Sentence Expander to help you add more substance to your writing, and even a Content Shortener to help you make your copy sharper and to the point.

One of the most interesting tools the platform has is the Article Writer 4.0, which helps with creating long-form content. This template allows you to give your topic and provide keywords that you want to rank for when generating the article content. It will include keywords in your article and create internal and external links all in one click. Better yet, it can also generate and place relevant images throughout the article for maximum engagement.

Writesonic also provides an option that allows you to create content in bulk through its Bulk Upload. Imagine you have a mountain of posts to prepare and need to tackle multiple assignments at once. Through Bulk Upload, you can upload a spreadsheet file that has the details you need in your content and have tens or hundreds of pieces of content in practically no time.

Does Writesonic Offer a Chat Feature?

Similar to other platforms, Writesonic offers Chatsonic, a ChatGPT-like feature with a few helpful additions. Chatsonic utilizes Google Search, which gives users access to the most recent information in an easy-to-use chat format. This also allows users to generate content using more open-ended prompts beyond the standard templates.

Chatsonic offers a voice-to-text feature that allows users to verbally input prompts and it can even detect your tone to write content that conveys certain emotions.

Photosonic Art Generation

Writesonic also offers an art generation platform called Photosonic, which utilizes Stable Diffusion to generate its images. By simply entering a prompt, along with the image style you are looking for, Photosonic can instantly generate an image in an orientation of your choosing. I tried this feature out for the images in this article and got some awesome results. Chatsonic even allows you to use the art generator of Photosonic right in the chat platform. In the chat platform you can decide between Stable Diffusion and DALL-E for image generation.

What Integrations Does Writesonic Offer?

Writesonic has an appealing user interface but if you want to use it outside of the platform it offers a browser extension for both Chrome and Safari. This means you can use it while interacting with sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail to improve your content and writing while working directly within another site. Writesonic also integrates with Wordpress.com, Wordpress.org, Zapier, Surfer SEO, and Semrush. This allows you to pull the best SEO and keyword research data into Writesonic, create your content, and then publish it directly to some of the biggest sites and apps in the world.

What are Writesonic’s Plan and Pricing Options?

Writesonic offers a limited free plan, a Long-form plan, and custom plans. The Long-form and Custom plans also have a word quality sub-tier from which you can choose Premium, Superior, and Ultra. As the quality goes up, the number of words you get per month goes down, unless you choose to pay more. Do note that you can change the quality at any time and your word balance will be updated accordingly. So don't feel like you have to commit to one quality level when you sign up.

Now let’s look at what each plan will give you the ability to do.

The free trial option gives you access to the majority of the tools that Writesonic offers including ChatSonic, 100+ templates, Landing Page Generator, and more. One of the main drawbacks to the free plan is if you use Surfer SEO, as the free plan does not offer that integration. It does however integrate with Zapier.

When using the free trial you can use up to 10,000 Premium words a month. This plan only allows access to the Premium word quality level, which uses GPT-3.5. For context, the Superior and Ultra levels use GPT-4 meaning that you should receive higher-quality responses with the higher-end levels. As of this writing, the Superior quality tier is live and Ultra will be available soon in the paid plan.

The Long-form plan is the paid option, which starts at $12.67/month for the lowest level plan, which is 60,000 words at the Premium quality level (30,000 Superior and 15,000 Ultra). With the paid plan you get access to the Article Rewriter tool, Surfer SEO integration, priority access to new features, and more.

You can either be billed monthly or annually, however, keep in mind that billing annually can save you 33%!

❗Tip: Students and non-profits can get an additional 30% off of annual plans❗